Matt considers each foot as a part of the whole horse with an engineer’s knowledge of its underlying superstructure

Matt Taydus created Limestone Forge, because of a love for horses at the same time building on his foundational strengths as both an applied structural engineer and advanced training within the professional of equine podiatry.

Professional Certifications

Matt has achieved two professional certifications so far in his work from the American Farrier’s Association

  • Certified Farrier (AFA CF)
  • Certified Journeyman Farrier (AFA CJF), the highest level of AFA certification. Exclusively for professionals who “display in-depth knowledge and highly developed performance skills evidencing a level of professional artistry.”
Matt, wife Erin, Duncan and Genna.

Matt, wife Erin, Duncan and Genna.

He is also currently working towards advanced certification with the AFA in the field of Therapeutic Endorsement, where he is collecting experience and documenting his work with extreme cases of professional equine podiatry.


Associate’s Degree in the Building Trades from Alfred State College in New York

Associate’s Degree in Architectural Engineering also from Alfred State


Matt worked in Taiwan for Corning, Inc as a CSA (Civil Structural Architecture) Engineer serving as practical liaison between the designers and the construction management of new factories for this globally recognized technical glass company.

This Eagle Scout is also the father of one happy little boy and husband to entrepreneur, Erin Taydus, founder of Sassa Bella, a healthy line of personal care products.

Danny Rawlings

Danny Rawlings


Danny Rawlings

In 2013 Danny started working with Matt and is studying to be a certified farrier. Currently he is a working apprentice and will seek his first level of certification through the AFA later 2014.

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